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"Sharpen the Axe"

jw oliverComment

January 01, 2015

I vividly remember the image of “The Devil” that I grew up with as a child. He was bright red wearing a long red cape, He had horns, a pointed nose, glaring eyes, and of course was carrying a bright red three-pronged pitchfork. That illustration is most likely how the majority saw him or envisioned him as a child. The critical issue for today’s Christ followers, is many of us believe that he has no relevance or existence in our lives, because we haven’t seen that character waltz into our home, work, or in any public venue.

Satan, the evil one, the devil is much more cunning and conniving to appear where he could be easily recognized and avoided. Today he takes on many forms, but the most common is his ability to keep us “busy.” I love the coined phrase. “If the devil can’t make you bad, he will make you busy.” How true that is in our lives?  Electronics, iPads, iPhones, TV, emails, work, finances, kids sports and specialty lessons, kids school events, volunteering, committees, social events, and the ever growing “To Do List.” We wake up, we get our day rolling, we return home with a tired and weary soul ready to “rest up” for another day.

Hairdressers keep sharp scissors, the butcher keeps his knives sharp, and a lumberjack keeps a sharp axe. The Bible is replete with examples of rest. God knew it  to be so important that he carved out a full day of the week for the celebration of the Sabbath and for rest.  Without rest, without a sharp axe, the devil is seeking to kill and destroy. As it says in I Peter 5:8, “he is on the prowl, like a roaring lion for anyone he can devour” I don’t know about you, but I prefer to face a roaring, attacking, fierce lion (Satan) with a sharp axe!

How can we keep our axes sharp?   We start with regular reading of God’s word (The Bible) to keep us sharp and ready for any spiritual attack. This clears our mind, focuses our direction, and “unclutters” our lives.

If today you find yourself tired, weary, confused, fearful, worry-some, undirected, cluttered, or wondering why am I here? Spend regular time in the Word, spend the best part of your day in prayer, and set aside regular time of fasting. (Matthew 17:21)

As we embark on the start of a new year, set a goal to “Keep your axe sharp!”