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We have been a part of the dental/medical community since 1986. We have helped establish hundreds of new practices with extensive focus on refurbished equipment, office design, construction consulting services, and marketing assistance. We can customize a package to fit your specific needs or via a flat fee or fee for time.


New Office/Office Expansion Consulting:

We offer customized services for your practice:

  • Office Design/Space Planning
  • Refurbished Equipment
  • New Equipment
  • Practice Financing
  • Marketing
  • Merchandise/Supply purchases
  • Practice Management Software
  • Dental Cabinetry/Millwork
  • I.T. Systems
  • Practice Management Software


We typically can save you 30-50% on the above services/equipment costs. We will customize a package that meets your particular needs and/or requests. We are available for:

  • On-Site Consulting
  • Construction Management
  • Equipment/Asset Appraisals
  • Equipment Consulting (vendors)
  • Price Negotiations(vendors)
  • Lease Reviews(landlord)
  • Marketing Plan Reviews/Implementation

We are available for a Fixed Fee, Hourly, or Day Rates. Call to see how we can help.


We offer a full range of appraisal services from Opinion Letters to formal Fair Market Evaluations. We currently provide continual services to Banks, Leasing Companies, Insurance Companies, Portfolio Managers, Attorneys and Corporations. As we are global in our reach, our appraisals are not limited to domestic evaluations but include input based on market data from the entire world including the targeted markets of the Third World. Over our history we have regularly and frequently been enlisted by auctioneers and other appraisal firms, as they are aware of our direct and extensive contact within the dental community through our domestic and international offices.


We offer consignment services with fees that range from 12-30% depending on the quantity of items and the asking price. We offer our consignment equipment to our Latin American and Caribbean partners, however we do maintain a large international database for immediate sales results. With our long history of market and product knowledge, we can move the majority of equipment in 30-90 days. We welcome you to maintain possession of your equipment until sold, or we can arrange de-installation, logistics and storage for a nominal fee.


We have over 29 years in the dental industry and marketing related action plans. We can assist with your long term plans or partner with you on single objectives such as: Product launch, Websites, Logos, Direct mail campaigns, Print material, etc…


We provides expedient and reliable Inspections covering all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and many international venues. All inspectors are equipped with digital technology and can e-mail preliminary reports within hours of their inspection.You can utilize our extensive and clear inspection form or we will comply with your specific paperwork requirement.


* Verification of Delivery Confirmation     

* Delivery and Installation Confirmation

* Asset Confirmation                                  

* End off or off lease condition report

* Insurance Damage Report                      

* Refinance – Asset Based Inspections

Logistics and Storage:

We clearly understand the necessity to carefully recover and provide safe secure storage of your assets. We have, in our main facility, adequate square footage of clean, secure storage available. Our facilities have overhead lighting and power necessary to display your equipment. Each stored item is photographed, inventoried and appears on your monthly status report.

In the recovery of an item, we rely, as you should, upon the technical expertise of our industry staffers. Our de-installers and movers are industry specific and properly insured. It is only in this fashion that you can have the necessary confidence and assurance that your assets are literally in good hands and ready for resale.


A portion of all profits are donated to


Our close contact with a leading used dental equipment company and our sales partners in Latin America/Caribbean, provide a unique forum for the re-marketing of your equipment. We succeed in making the fairest deal quickly, seamlessly and satisfying to all parties. All parties receive personal attention and all items for sale receive appropriate research and knowledge. Our service brings clear value to all parties.

Contact Us:
PO Box 1140, Argyle, Tx. 76226

SKYPE: jwoliverjr