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Excess Baggage! 

If you think that airlines charge excessively for “extra baggage”, the cost for keeping unhealthy relationships is more expensive.   “Every relationship that is not moving you forward is slowing you down.” Rick Warren The Purpose Driven Life   We all have had those friends,…

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Lucky Charms 

Lucky Charms April 18, 2020 Who doesn’t like Lucky Charms cereal? But there is a correct process to eat a bowl. I have been enjoying this “highly nutritious” breakfast delicacy since I was beating spoons and spilling milk in my high-chair! I know I am…

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#BestEasterEver April12, 2020 Easter! Bunnies, bright colored Easter eggs, shiny new shoes and new outfits. Egg hunts, marsh-mellow bunnies, large family dinners…oh yea, almost forgot…Jesus!   Eas·ter /ˈēstər/ noun noun: Easter; plural noun: Easters the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating…

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Sharpen Your Axe 

“Sharpen Your Axe” March 29, 2020 The current “Corona-Crisis” has most everyone filled with anxiety, confusion, anger and for many, severe depression.  How can we turn this seemingly endless barrage of negative news and dire personal and economic projections into courage and confidence? My favorite...
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